A webcomic about cemeteries,spiritism, and even a bit of magic.

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Latest comic: Chapter 8. Page 11.

Chapter 8. Page 11.

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by Arminis

Hello! I'm very happy to be able to post something here.

I'm very sorry to update this site until now.  I've been working on Auriga in its printed version and webtoon format.

As I told you before, Chapter 7 is already done....and Chapter 8 is completed too! From now on I'm going to work on Chapter 9.

I'll upload chapter 7 daily the next days. And chapter 8 will be weekly again. Hope you like them.

If you want to follow the weekly updates on Webtoon you can follow this link

I have a KO-FI account too. I'll make a thank you sketch for every coffee I receive.

I'm working on Commissions too, you can purchase them on Etsy if you're interested.

Thank you very much for passing by!